Quilt to be auctioned off

At the BRANDON CELEBRATION AUCTION on Saturday, August 7th, a unique QUILT will be sold to the highest bidder. 

Here’s the story —–

Following the death of LaVonne (Mrs. Dutch) Bearbower, an unfinished quilt made by LaVonne was donated to Connie’s quilters by the Bearbower family, to be finished and used at the quilter’s discretion. The quilt has been finished and given as a fundraiser for the Brandon Historical Museum.  Arrangements have been made with the Brandon Area Community Club to auction the quilt, (August 7th) with proceeds going to the Brandon Historical Society Museum Fund.  

The Quilt is a colorful 5 ft. fabric medallion made of 331 fabric hexagons.  The medallion is centered on navy blue fabric, tied with like color ties, creating a ripple effect, thus “the Medallion Ripple Quilt”.

The finished quilt measures 108” X 87”.

Thank you to the Bearbower family, Connie’s Quilters, and the Brandon Area Community Club for your assistance in the Historical Museum fundraising.  And thank you to the buyer, whoever you are.

Your support is greatly appreciated!  Congratulations, the quilt is one of a kind.

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